Above all, more than a label or a charter of commitment, it is a philosophy of life.

We can no longer deny the negative impact of human and industrial activity on our entire ecosystem.

Up Recycling is the solution that we bring to reduce at our scale the consequences of an overproduction and overconsumption that has been going on for years.

Indeed, with the creation of Up Recycling represent:

A mention applied to reconditioned products in exceptional fields such as health or high-tech industry.

Up Recycling is the guarantee for buyers to find reconditioned state-of-the-art equipment in the best conditions and with the best guarantees.

It is also the provision of a reactive after-sales service, with the setting up of maintenance contracts.

The Up Recycling logo will be visible on all reconditioned products.

This mention is affixed on the products reconditioned by our team in our buildings.